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MAPEH Grade 8 | Arts: Quarter 1: Art of Southeast Asia

Arts (Grade 8) Curriculum Guide
Quarter 1


  1. Review of Elements and Processes
  2. Art of Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam,Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos

Drawing of Asian Peoples

  • Attire
  • Accessories
  • Artifacts
  • Iconic gods
  • Cultural symbols
Lines and Colors

  • Attires
  • Artifacts
Contents Standards
The Learner...

  • demonstrates understanding of art elements and processes by synthesizing and applying prior knowledge and skills
  • demonstrates understanding of the salient features of the arts of Southeast Asia by correlating the art elements and processes among culturally diverse Southeast Asian countries
Performance Standards
The Learner...

  • creates an artwork showing the characteristic elements of the arts of Southeast Asia
  • puts up a mini-Southeast Asian art exhibit using their own artworks
Learning Competencies
The Learner...

  • analyzes art elements (color, line, shape, etc.) and principles (texture, proportion, emphasis, harmony, etc.) in the production of art and crafts
  • identifies characteristics of arts and crafts found in the Southeast Asia
  • reflects on and derives the mood, idea, or message emanating from selected artwork
  • determines the effectiveness of artwork by evaluating its utilization and combination of art elements and principles
  • evaluates the effectiveness of mood, idea, or message as depicted by the visual image in the artwork
  • traces the external (foreign) and internal (indigenous) influences that are reflected in an artwork or in the making of a craft or artifact


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