Sunday, May 26

Inspirational for Teachers: Cura Personalis

A Teacher Needs To Have Love
(Inspired by the words of St. Paul, I Corinthians 13: 1-7,13)

I may be able to speak clearly and persuasively in class but do not have love for my students, I am just talking to an empty classroom.

I may have the gift of erudition and be able to answer all questions but do not love my students, I am nothing but a humbug.

I may acquire at great expense and use the most expensive teaching devices there is but do not have love, it will profit no one.

Love is kind and really lends an ear to be a student who hungers for care and affection.

Love is patient and is willing to walk the extra mile for a student needing help and direction.

Love is not envious when other teachers have more than their share of smart and well-behaved students.

Love is not proud or boastful when my students do well in exams and reap honors and awards.

Love is not irritable or ill-mannered when over-bearing parents make demands or expect privileges impossible to grant.

Love is not selfish but generously extends time and counsel to colleagues wanting assistance or simply a shoulder to cry on.

Love does not keep a record of wrongdoings or rejoice in the failings of others but is ever quick to forgive and forget.

Love is happy with what is true and just and always sees the good in everyone.

Teaching strategies and gadgets, curriculum materials and textbooks come and go, but love is forever.

In the end, a teacher needs patience, diligence, and competence, but most of all, LOVE. 

J.C. Palma
Ateneo de Manila University
Year 2000

Amor Vincit Omnia

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