Friday, June 23

[DepEd Region III] Graduation Message of the Regional Director May B. Eclar, PhD, CESO III

Regional Director May B. Eclar, PhD CESO III Graduation Message | DepEd Region III

With bountiful joy and boundless admiration, I extend my sincerest and heartfelt felicitations to the extraordinary trailblazers of Central Luzon, the illustrious graduates of Batch 2023!

Throughout your years in the K-12 system, you have weathered challenges, overcome obstacles, and shown remarkable resilience most especially during the great trials we all have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the true power of education. From the early years of kindergarten, where you took your first steps into formal schooling, to the final years of senior high school, where you honed your talents and discovered your passions, each stage has contributed to shaping the person you are today.

But my dear graduates, it is your resilience that has truly set you apart. The journey through K to 12 has not been without its share of challenges. From adjusting to new learning environments and facing rigorous academic demands to adapting to online learning and other distance learning modalities during unforeseen circumstances, you have demonstrated your strength and determination to succeed despite all odds.

Now that you are to start another chapter in your lives, I advise you to always bring with you the foundation you have built as a core testament to your great resilience. My dear graduates, never be afraid of embracing new opportunities, embracing your heart's desires, and even embracing the challenges that lie ahead of you. Stand firm and bring with you a brave heart to follow your dreams, you shall ascend above every hurdle, triumphing over adversity and surmounting every obstacle that has crossed your path. May you never forget the lessons you have learned, the relationships and friendships you have forged, and all the teachers and educators who have been with you along the way. As you embark on this new chapter, may your resilience help you navigate into the vast ocean of life, withstanding all storms and shipwrecks, and may you find yourself celebrating the victories of life and be with Motherland in her pursuit of a lifelong learning project.

Congratulations, K to 12 Graduates! You are the embodiment of resilience, and I have no doubt that you will make a positive impact on the world.

Best wishes for your future endeavors!

Regional Director
DepEd Region III - Central Luzon

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