Monday, January 17

PBB 2020 UPDATE | JANUARY 17, 2022

As of January 14, 2022, Relative to the FY 2020 PBB, the DepEd-OSEC is eligible for the grant of the Performance-Based Bonus. However, since DepEd-OSEC failed to meet the EPA requirement, the unit/person(s) from the following DepEd Regional Offices should be isolated and excluded from the FY 2020 PBB ranking.

1. DepEd RO1
2. DepEd RO2
3. DepEd RO3
4. DepEd RO7
5. DepEd RO8
6. DepEd RO9
7. DepEd RO10
8. DepEd RO11

DepEd has already submitted the first batch of the Reports on Ranking of Delivery Units and Personnel (Form 1.0) for the schools in twelve (12) Regions I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B, V, VIII, XI, XII, CAR, CARAGA and NCR only last December 6, which is beyond the agreed deadline of November 30, 2021.

Consequently, the Form 1.0 for these twelve (12) Regions has been endorsed to DBM OPCCB for validation and review. The AO25 Secretariat will closely coordinate with DepEd BHROD for the submission of the second (2nd) batch for the remaining four (4) regions.

Rest assured that the same will be acted upon after we receive the necessary information.


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