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Virtual In-Service Training 2.0 | VINSET 2.0 DAY 1 (August 30, 2021) Morning and Afternoon Sessions

Virtual In-Service Training 2.0 | VINSET 2.0 - DAY 1 (August 30, 2021) Morning and Afternoon Sessions


The following are the objectives of the VINSET 2.0:

1. Capacitate teachers in using different online modality platforms that include DepEd Learning Management System, DepEd Commons, DepEd Online (FB Page, YouTube, ETULAY Tutorial Sessions), DepEd TV, and DepEd Radio.
2. Provide awareness and proper handling of technology tools in delivering instruction in synchronous and asynchronous format.
3. Learn and apply different components of cyber wellness (data privacy, netiquette, and troubleshooting).
4. Teach emerging technology tools and applications to maximize the use of cross-platform operating system.
5. Inspire teachers through guided programs to innovate and upgrade their skills in the use of different solutions and in acquiring international certification under Microsoft, Adobe, and Google.

You can watch the live broadcast of the virtual INSET on the following platforms:

DAY 1 - Morning Session (AM)

1. Retooling of Teachers Capacity in Using ICT and Emerging Technologies
2. Advantages of Using Open Educational Resources (OERs)



DAY 1 - Afternoon Session (PM)
1. Proper Etiquette in Sending E-mail and Understanding Guidelines for Copyright
2. The Wisdom Behind Grammarly
3. The Creative Utilization of Canva for Students Performance Task



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  1. Answer Key Day 1 VIRTUAL INSET

    1st Retooling Quiz
    1. 34Gb
    2. solid analytics
    3. #33733
    4. true (not eligible)
    5. subscriber identity module
    6. check all deped programs
    7. all of the above
    8. true (21st. cent)
    9. be forward thinking
    10. true (blended)

    2nd Advantages of Using OER Quiz:
    1. Foundation of Learning Equality
    2. all types
    3. offline and online (check both)
    4. kolibri
    5. kolibri studio

    3rd Proper Etiquette in Sending E-mail
    1. False
    2. True
    3. No. Copyright chuchu
    4. SUBJECT
    5. OPEN -ENDED

    1. True- grammarly provides
    2. False- when installed
    3. False - modifying
    4. False- Plagiarism
    5. True- errors
    6. True- for a full writing..
    7. False - in the free account
    8. False- on the right side
    9. False- grammarly does not
    10. True- grammarly allows

    1. more features
    2. none because its online
    3. k-12 educators
    4. all of the above
    5. all of the above
    6. put text in the busiest part
    7. none of the above
    8. all of the above
    9. input phone numbers
    10. all k-12 educators