Tuesday, February 18

Proposal to Use Sablay Instead of Toga During Graduation


February 18, 2020

The use of toga, with its deep Western roots, has been taken for granted all these years despite its many disadvantages:

  • it is not Filipino;
  •  it does not inspire loyalty to the nation but as a reminder of a colonial past;
  •  the toga, which covers the whole body, is impractical and uncomfortable to use in a tropical country like the Philippines;
  • it promotes uniformity and does not encourage the flourish of cultural diversity;
  • renting or buying a toga, with gown and cap, is an additional expense and an added burden on parents.
In view of the foregoing, it is respectfully proposed that Sablay, instead of the toga, be used in end-of-school-year-rites in all Elementary and Secondary schools. This will:

  •  instill patriotism and nationalism among young learners;
  •  promote core values of Makabansa and Makakalikasan;
  •  promote local culture roots and perpetuate the production of local textiles of indigenous peoples;
  •  boost rural development;
  •  provide jobs and empower women and men weavers;
  •  revive and sustain local and traditional weaving enterprises.

For your consideration.



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