Sunday, November 3

Enchanced School Form 2 Download Link

Enchanced School Form 2 Download Link
By: Melba Pangcog Lopsoten

"Dear fellow teachers, we have enhanced and developed a fully automated School Form 2. In just a click of the mouse, the program calculates all the required data from the Form like total number of school days, total absences/cutting classes, total tardy, percentage of enrollment, average daily attendance and percentage of attendance. It also propagates the days of the week and days of the month and automated the colors for tardy, cutting classes and absence due to illness. The program resides in a folder but folder attachment is not possible so anyone interested, give your email address. the attached images are just sneak views of the whole package. EDIT: Because our membership runs to tens of thousands, I will try to save the program in a web page where everybody could download the link. But all follow up questions must be posted in this original thread. I will post the link later. See ya guys....Duh, it is as simple as saving the folder in a zipped file. Internet connectivity is weak here in the boondocks, uploading is taking a its own sweet time."

Download Here

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